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Your health

Health is of paramount importance to each of us, but it is that much more difficult to remain healthy- especially in our current environment. Prone as we are to various pulls and pressures of modern life and with increased exposure to various pollutants/ environmental hazards, we are now more prone then ever to being less healthy.

Understanding how diseases develop and the preventive measures that can be adopted to avoid them are important steps in staying healthy.

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Respiratory diseases


Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a lung disease characterized by chronic obstruction of lung airflow that interferes with normal breathing and is not fully reversible.


Asthma is a problem worldwide with an estimated 300 million affected individuals. Factors that influence the development and expression of asthma include genes, obesity, indoor (e.g. furred animals, molds) and outdoor allergens (e.g. pollens), infections (particularly viral infections), occupational agents, tobacco smoke (including passive smoke), outdoor and indoor air pollution and diet.