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Production Steps Corresponding quality control
1. Preparation of raw material
Gelatin appearance, odour, colour, grain size, solubility, gelling, (bloom), viscosity, pH value, isoelectric point, bacteriology, chemical purity
Water electrolyte content, pH value, bacteriology
Colouring agents and pigments identity, solubility, bacteriology, chemical purity
Geletain solution viscosity, temperature, colour shade, colour composition
2. Production machine
1 Dipping, 2 Rotation, temperature, relative
3 Gelling, 4 Drying, humidity, viscosity,
5 Stripping, 6 Cutting, dimension, colour shade,
7 Joining, 8 Ejection laboratory check
3. Inspection defects
4. Imprinting laboratory checks on ink, statistical control
5. Counting, packaging final release by Quality Control
6. Batch release certificate